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The Consequences of Being Immune to Social Pressure

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Failure is an option.

One criticism of Asperger individuals (out of many complaints) is that we fail to live up to whatever talents and abilities we may show as children. Promise fizzles, so in the Social Typical view, Aspergers, or our teachers or parents, overestimate, or even imagine, that we have any abilities of note. This situation does seem to occur; I don’t know how often Asperger or Social Typical people actually live up to expectations, but if those expectations have a social origin, we simply don’t respond like “normal” people. Since social pressure has negligible effect, we don’t feel obliged to succeed. I suppose the two may overlap for some people, but as for myself, I wanted to earn as much money as I could in the briefest amount of time so that I had the maximum time to pursue my interests. The fewer the material needs, the less money one needs.

The happiest and most successful period in my estimation was three years I lived as a nomad. My “home” was a tiny camper with no bathroom, refrigerator or stove. It was a successful time because I saw true aspects of myself that I couldn’t have discovered in any other way, and I liked who I was.

The book I wrote while living as a nomad.

The book I wrote while living as a nomad.