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From: Eagereyes, a Visualization and Visual Communication blog. 

“Infographics today are mostly pointless decorations around a few simple facts that add nothing meaningful. But information graphics once deserved their name with dense, meticulously-drawn, well-researched information. Here is an example from 1944.”

“…this Chart of Electromagnetic Radiationswas originally published in 1944 (by W.M. Welch). It’s a beautiful example of the kind of poster or magazine fold-out that was fairly common during the golden age of information graphics, from the 1940s (if not earlier) to the early 1990s. As a kid, I’d spend hours poring over books and magazines with detailed illustrations and explanations of all sorts of technology, from power plants to the Space Shuttle.” More at easyeyes. 

The chart is huge: 60″ x 42″ These two graphics are small sections. A restored version is available for purchase online. Originally published by W.M. Welch Scientific

electromagnetic-spectrum Electromagnetic-Radiations


Contemporary poster (from Wikipedia). Wow! What a poor presentation. ErDJ2

This isn’t merely a matter of which type of poster is attractive. Visual thinkers interpret and arrange science – math information for students and other learners by connecting the abstract math and science concepts to real world objects and phenomena. This is an art that has been lost. The attitude is, “Everyone owns a smart phone; who needs to understand anything?”



Science Graphics / Electromagnetic Radiations 1940