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There are certain buildings in every town that fail to thrive.

Built during a boom, or because someone had an odd piece of land in the family, or an idea for a business, one day, it’s empty. The downhill slide begins when a “free for all” church rents the place and covers it with ghastly murals and scripture, but no one really knows how to get a frayed-around-the-edges religion going: How to fill such a large building when potential members have gone hunting or ice fishing or camping or would rather be home? There aren’t that many lost souls in Wyoming, and inevitably the structure falls empty again. Years go by and people who drive past day after day wish that someone would paint over the garish Biblical figures and text, and then a miracle occurs: someone does.

I photographed the building because the blank billboard looked like an invitation to add my own content, but I decided to leave the enigmatic billboard blank, a message that suits a building that waits for a function.


Photo Day / Certain Buildings