Today, this photo could not be shot “live.” Laws/ lawyers and liability would end the project before it started. That’s one reason why almost every photo you see in advertising is fake – cobbled together from “sampling” stock photos and smooshed together by photo shop tools, the figures and backgrounds out of scale; objects cut and pasted, sometimes very badly. The other reason is money, of course. People have become used to an entirely artificial presentation of human beings and products, of landscapes and buildings.

Cover photo for a western products Christmas catalogue that I designed. Not an easy photo shoot! No photoshop back then, just hand coloring directly onto the print. Of the three models, the horse was the easiest to work with. The catalogue title was (would have been positioned across the top)

“Just in time for Christmas”

After getting the perfect shot, the client decided not to use it, because it didn’t show their crappy products.

Photo is copyrighted by the photographer

Photo is copyrighted by the photographer

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