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Away from town, the earth is all vista, all stark.

The yellow world is miles wide, vast and homely; all mine, on a winter’s day when all the other people on earth are somewhere else, but not here: not following snowy paths that make me wonder where they go, but not where they end.

Distances in my world are measured by miles of brush gone dry and gold; in square miles of Old Lady Sage-in-waiting; waiting for the commencement of a spring of silver scents.



All Vista, All Stark / Prose Poetry


4 thoughts on “All Vista, All Stark / Prose Poetry

  1. Duck boots are for duck hunting. I like the pull on kind (bad with shoelaces) – our winter weather is quite variable so they’re a good choice for dry, wet or muddy conditions. When it does snow it tends to melt fast; we’re at 6100′ elevation. I can dry clothes outdoors most of the year. Love the ozone smell! I would guess that your summers are mild? I grew up where it was very humid and I hated it. I also didn’t like trees. My family thought I was crazy, of course.


    • A medium size mammal wearing Duck Boots – Me! I guess the snow was just right. It’s been in the 70-80s with brilliant skies, but a storm has blown in. It could snow any day! I freak out at the change from summer to winter; it’s not that I dislike winter, it’s the change itself…


      • LOL. Had to google duck boots…umm and why are they called that? Snow sounds very appealing right now. The spring winds are here along with the rain. Yuck. Let it be summer already. :)


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