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SOME PEOPLE WHO WANDER ARE LOST: Three years on the road as a nomad in the American Southwest, when I left “civilization” behind.

RAW DAYS: Anthology of my experiences as bipolar, before I hit the jackpot – diagnosis of Asperger’s Disorder with bipolar co-morbidity.


2 thoughts on “My Books

  1. I was a very lost wanderer… decades before diagnosis as Asperger’s. I left English language speakers behind in preference for exploring other cultures… and subsequently other languages… none of this was planned or consciously embarked up … I went with the flow and between flows was extremely lost… that allowed me to find bits of self in reflection …

    Bit of a rambling wander … I’m between focus points/passions…. transition

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    • I’ve been focused on my blog for months; haven’t communicated via comments etc, so I’m now having trouble keeping up with conversations. The way WP notifications come thru makes no sense to me – another Aspie glitch? Don’t know. Anyway –

      The Wanderer – yes. I never felt that I belonged: Our family took vacations in the American West – I immediately knew that’s where I wanted to be, but as a kid you don’t have a choice. But people? No clue. I “shopped around” various cultures, groups etc, but no luck except when I spent 3 years “wandering” in a camper. I felt great attachment and kinship with other wanderers, many of whom were on the road due to misfortune. “Cast offs” from society – mostly due to financial ruin.

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